Massive bed bug invasion hits US, here’s what people are doing to fight back

by Melanie Brooks


 Oct 22, 2017 Bed bugs- the things of yesterday’s nursery rhymes- have become a nightmare for millions of people around the world.

02Melanie investigates the bed bug epidemic

A massive bed bug infestation has swept over major cities in the United States and the epidemic is getting worse every single year according to experts, so the future isn’t exactly bright when it comes to bed bugs.

The bed bug invasion seems to be the worst on the East Coast in densely populated residential areas with New York and Philadelphia being particularly prone to attacks by these insects along with Ohio and Chicago following close behind.

Once thought to be exclusive to low-income residents of the city, bed bugs are biting people all over the US every night without regard to status, color, or money, even hitting close to home right here in our communities, leaving many residents shocked- and bewildered.

Bed bugs do not discriminate with their victims, and bed bug infestations have been showing up as equally in poor areas as in lofty five star hotels. One woman even recently won a lawsuit against Ramada for waking up with over 400 bed bug bites in a single night.

Bed bugs unfortunately appear to be on the march once again and the amount of money Americans are paying to combat the bed bug epidemic has reached a whopping $250 million dollars a year, and many say is set to grow as building owners struggle to contain the problem and people feel powerless to stop the hordes of nasty, biting bugs.

Many tenants of apartment complexes have complained their landlords refuse to do anything about the problem, and even 3 and 4-bedroom houses in the rural countryside of the Mid West have not been able to escape the new resurgence of the modern day bed bug plague.

What Exactly Are Those Bugs?

The tiny hard-to-see bugs that leave you with itchy red welts all over your body are nocturnal parasites that require a “blood meal” in order to reproduce and survive. While they can survive on animal blood, they  usually pass on pets and prefer sticking to humans.

One thing that surprises most people is the size of bed bugs themselves. The young are very hard to see at the size of a pinhead, but when they are fully grown after feasting on one of their victims they become readily visible to the naked eye.

That’s What Those Bites Were

Most people aren’t aware they have bed bugs because cimex lectarius, the scientific name for bed bugs, are nocturnal and usually only active at night, right after you fall asleep, according to experts.

 bed bug pic gallery
Bed bugs appear to really love to eat some people, while leaving others completely alone, so there is a possibility that one partner in the same household receives the majority, if not all, of the bites.

What People Can Do to Stop Bed Bugs

The first thing people almost always ask is what can they do to successfully resolve the problem.

Most people immediately look for an exterminator to spray their homes with pesticide. Very few people are aware however of the potential risks affecting your health through long-term exposure to chemicals used by most major pest control companies. Then, the next problem is effectiveness.

It is common for many people to spend several thousand dollars and have to receive multiple exterminator treatments using extreme heat and chemical sprays to effectively rid their household of bed bugs- and often without a guarantee that the treatment will work
bed bugs in hotels

This pay, wait and see approach often results in continued sleepless nights and added stress to an already negative situation. Ultimately, the bed bugs come back.
With the rapid rise in havoc-wreaking bed bug infestations, people have found an effective, natural and inexpensive way to safely fight the bed bugs. One of the remarkable aspects of this solution is the quickness in which it works, with many people reporting a complete disappearance of bed bugs in only a few weeks.

The name of this little known solution is Defensive End! the End to ALL Bed Bugs. Not only is it completely natural, but many people say Defensive End! works better than many chemical sprays because it kills the bed bugs, and also eliminates the remaining eggs from hatching a new wave of biting bugs to bite again just when you thought they were all gone.

Because bed bugs can live for up to a year without feeding, the bed bug epidemic presents a unique challenge to tenants, homeowners, hotel owners and policy makers.  With a cost-effective solution like this to emerge, it is providing access to millions to solve- or prevent- their bed bug woes before they get completely out of hand.

Defensive End! is currently only available online and the checkout process is rather straight-forward and secure, with the tech-savvy company behind this solution edging out with the fastest turnaround and shipping in the business, automatic tracking updates emailed to customers so they can rest easy knowing exactly when their order leaves the warehouse- and when it arrives on their doorstep.

DE! has also gained the attention of Shark Tank investors from the television hit show, but the 4.5/5 positive customer reviews are what made us want to dig a little deeper to see how it’s turning the tide in the war on bedbugs.

“We think it’s working” said one hotel manager in Alberta, Canada, regarding the effectiveness of Defensive End! “That’s why we ordered more.”

Hotels manager like the one we interviewed said that often times industrial workers from the shale oil fields bring in bed bugs, and with a constant influx of different guests, a full-blown bed bug infestation is an unfortunate reality that hotel property owners recognize as being only a few weeks away at any given moment.


The Conclusion?

So what do you think now of Defensive End!? It may be a simple product that won’t fill your home with noxious fumes, dangerous chemicals, and worries about potential harm to your children and pets, but can still effectively stop bed bugs quickly.

The solution we investigated deals with a major problem in a uniquely effective, safe, and smart way at a fraction of the cost. If you are worried about your own home being over run by bed bugs, then now might be the time to arm yourself before becoming a statistic to the bed bug menace.

For many this may be the way forward, so say goodbye to itchy nights up late scratching and hello to Defensive End!

Here’s to staying prepared and bite-free.


Steve C.: Oct 22, 2017 3:27 am

For about 2 weeks I was waking up in the middle of the night with bug bites. I live in Ohio and we have all sorts of bugs and critters here. I blew it off to fly bites. One morning I was able to pull a bug off of me and I took it to my computer with a magnifying glass for a closer look. I saw a tv news report about the bed bug epidemic in Phoenix and sure enough, I found a picture of a bed bug and it easily matched the one that I caught. I have a cleaning person here weekly and I live uncluttered and completely clean! Anyone can get bed bugs.

On a Wednesday morning I put this stuff around the perimeter of my bedroom and the outside perimeter of the house. I also placed it on the exterior and interior of the sills. By the way, when the house cleaner took apart my bed, she said thousands of them scampered. I took my bed items to the laundromat and put them in the dryer only at high heat. Home dryers cannot match the heat of laundromat dryers. I did not sleep in the bed Thursday night. I put the bed back together on Friday morning.

I have a Sleep Number bed. The box springs are plastic slats meaning I did not have to debug a normal box spring. Friday night I slept in the bed and in the middle of the night found 5 bedbugs. However, they were not scampering quickly. I could tell that they were not feeling great and had been affected. It’s now Monday afternoon and I haven’t seen a single live bed bug since! However, along the perimeter of my bedroom wall, there are many, many dead ones. My cats and dogs have walked the stuff all over my home but it is harmless, in fact beneficial. I am leaving the stuff all over my bedroom for two weeks before I clean up. After cleanup I am putting a border of it under my mattress pad to prevent future contamination. It’s also good for Scorpions, ants and sewer roaches! I probably used half of what they sent me and I am ready for any type of bug now!

User 1: Oct 22, 2017 2:55 am

Bed bugs are disgusting and I’m so glad they are finding new ways to deal with these menaces!

Melissa Rodriguez: Oct 22, 2017 2:23 am

I first found out about the bed bug infestation epidemic watching a special on network news and since then I have been terrified that these horribly repulsive bugs would find a way into my family’ home. After a bit of online research I discovered Defensive End! and quickly ordered one for each bed in our home. I have never seen a bed bug in my home, and I feel much better about going to sleep at night knowing I am not sharing my bed with these little monsters!

Shante: Oct 22, 2017 12:54 am

I discovered bed bugs in my apartment a few days after I heard my neighbor down the hall had a full blown bed bug infestation! GROSS. Then I noticed bites after sitting on the couch and when I would wake up. I thought they were spider bites but sure enough I saw one of the little bed bugs crawling on the bed one day. I ordered a few of these and within 2 weeks they were completely gone!

Doesn’t hurt either that I saved about 800 bucks and got to avoid the usual grandstanding by my landlord. 😉

Richard: Oct 22, 2017 12:47 am

My sister had a huge bed bug swarm living in her apartment and I bought her one of these and one for myself for a safeguard. That was a few months ago and so far so good for me, and my sister has finally gotten to sleep better at night. She has a lot of neighborhood kids that come over from big families to play all the time so she practically HAS to use this stuff! She calls her house the Dewdrop Inn. Do. Drop. In. haha

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